200 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Lengkap dengan Kunci Jawaban dan Pembahasan

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Kumpulan 200 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Lengkap dengan Kunci Jawaban dan Pembahasan

Hari ini BahasaInggrisOke.Com akan mengajak kalian untuk membahas soal yang ada dalam artikel ini dan nantinya bisa kalian jadikan referensi dalam menjawab soal yang di sekolah.

Yuk kita simak saja langsung.

Let’s go!

This section is for number 1 to 10

After Keyra … (1) the coyote so much cunning he became very ambitious and … (2) to do many things which were very much too … (3) for him and which Keyra never intended he should do. One of them … (4) got so conceited that he thought he could … (5) with the stars and so he asked one of them to fly close to the top of a … (6) and take him by the paw and let him dance once around through the sky. The star only laughed at him and … (7) its eye, but the next right when it came around, it sailed close to the mountain and took the coyote by the paw, and flew away with him through the sky. But g the … (8) coyote soon grew tired of dancing this way, and could not wait for the star to come around to the mountain again. He … (9) down at the earth and it seemed g quite near to him, and as the star could not g I wait or fly low just then, he let go and leaped down. Poor … (10) He was ten whole snows in falling, and when he struck the earth he was smashed flatter than a willow mat or a frog in the road.

1. The correct answer is ….

a. give
b. gave
c. given
d. gain

2. The correct answer is ….

a. will
b. would
c. want
d. wanted

3. The correct answer is ….

a. hard
b. hear
c. hom
d. hunt

4. The correct answer is….

a. ons
b. owl
c. once
d. okay

5. The correct answer is ….

a. dream
b. drug
c. dance
d. dragon

6. The correct answer is ….

a. mountain
b. monumen
c. mobile
d. making

7. The correct answer is ….

a. wine
b. winked
c. well
d. want

8. The correct answer is ….

a. tools
b. tone
c. too
d. foolish

9. The correct answer is ….

a. like
b. looked
c. loan
d. lime

10. The correct answer is ….

a. coyote
b. cone
c. come
d. cube’

11. Ana : Do you want some chocolate?
Aida: ….

a. I know.
b. I’m okay.
c. I am happy.
d. Yes, please.

12. Mr. Tamam: Could you give me two bottles of soft drink?
Waitress : How about ice tea?

a. Here it is.
b. Yes, please.
c. I’m sorry we don’t have it.
d. I’d love it.

13. Mia : … to take the suitcase in the car?
Refan: With my pleasure.

a. would you like
b. here you are
c. nothing
d. I could help you

Dialog for number 14 and 15

Viola: Hello?
Wuri : Hello. Is Vivian there? This is Wuri.” Viola: “Oh, hi Wuri. I am sorry she is at the office.
Wuri :…. (14) for her?
Viola: Of course.
Wuri : Well, I just remain her to come to Dina’s party this afternoon. Did you get my message?
Viola: Yes, I did. Don’t worry I’ll tell her.”
Wuri:…. (15). Goodbye.
Viola: Bye Wuri.

14. The correct answer is ….

a. Well, can I leave the message
b. That’s fine
c. I know what you mean
d. I’m really sorry to hear that

15. The correct answer is ….

a. I’m sorry I can’t
b. Thank you Viola
c. No problem, dear
d. Yes, you’re right

Text for number 16 and 17

Dolphin Attraction Show


  • Rp. 25,000 (adult)
  • Rp. 10,000 (child)

Opening hours: 10.00 a.m. – 18.00 p.m Monday-Sunday


  • Walrus Show
  • Swimming with the dolphins
  • Magic show
  • Lucky draw

16. How long does the show in a day?

a. five hours
b. six hours
c. seven hours
d. eight hours .

17. The followings are featured in the show, except….

a. Walrus show
b. Photo session with the dolphin
c. Magic show
d. Lucky draw

18. X: You look so tired…. did you walk?
Y: More than six kilometres, I think.

a. how far
b. how long
c. how many
d. how big

19. letter – her – Risti – a – village – writes – to – in – the – often – parents
The correct arrangement is ….

a. Risti often writes a letter her parents to in the village.
b. Risti often writes a letter to the village her parents in.
c. Risti often writes a letter to her parents in the village.
d. Risti often writes a letter in the village to her parents.

20 The followings belong to fable, except. ‘

a. The grasshopper and the Ant
b. Cinderella
c. Mouse deer and the Crocodiles
d. Turtle and the Hare Jawaban: b


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